sábado, 14 de mayo de 2016

"A" ae sound

phonetics                         Noun                                sentence

ˈænəml̩ | animal I'm not sure of the name of that animal over there in that cage.
ˈænsər | answer He provided an excellent answer to my question.
ˈæŋɡər | anger His anger knows no limits.
ˈæpl̩ | apple I love a good red apple after dinner.
ˈætəm | atom One of the smallest elements is the atom.
ˈbæk | back I turned my back on that outrageous man.
ˈbænd | band The band played until three in the morning.
ˈbæŋk | bank The bank closes at three in the afternoon.
ˈbæt | bat If you look up there you can see a bat flying between the trees.
ˈkæmp | camp I set up camp at the edge of the wood.
ˈkæpətəl | capital The capital of Washington state is Olympia.
ˈkæptən | captain The captain told his crew to raise the sail.

2 comentarios:

  1. Lo importante aquí es el vocabulario. El sonido ae se repite en todos los sustantivos (nouns)

  2. Las oraciones (sentences) son un ejemplo de como se usa el vocabulario en contexto. Las veremos con detenimiento más adelante